Traveling Gavel

Traveling_GavelOur Traveling Gavel was created to foster closer ties between the Lodges in Massachusetts, one Lodge at a time.

Rules: This Gavel may be claimed by any lodge when three or more of its Brethren, one of whom must be a Warden or the Master, visit Franklin Lodge at a Regular or Special Communication (not including a funeral). This Gavel may only be claimed at Franklin Lodge. Once claimed, Franklin Lodge must retrieve it at any regular or special communication of the claiming Lodge by bringing a committee consisting of at least one more Mason than the number of Brothers who claimed it. This committee must include at least one officer of Franklin Lodge.

If the Gavel is not retrieved by Franklin Lodge after six months, the Master of Franklin Lodge may retrieve it at his will and pleasure without a committee. Under no circumstances can the Gavel be claimed from any Lodge other than Franklin Lodge the Gavel MUST return to Franklin Lodge before it can be claimed again.

The claiming Lodge should email the Webmaster with the date it claimed the gavel and the names and offices of the Brethren who claimed it so that it may be documented on this website.

This Gavel was built by Worshipful Brother Joseph Chilton of Joel H. Prouty Lodge, Auburn, MA and donated to Franklin Lodge by Worshipful Brother Ross E. Schacher, Past Master of Franklin Lodge 1992-3 and 1996-7.